Hard Water Damage

More than sixty per cent of UK properties are supplied with hard water. Most people are unaware that if your home is receiving hard water, you are at a high risk of limescale build-ups in your water pipes and heating systems, with the average property receiving hard water accumulating around 70kg of limescale. Limescale build up like this can affect your water pipes and cause cracks and bursts, which can lead to flooding, or gather in your heating pipes and cause the heating to fail.

There are ways to spot limescale, and take pre-emptive action to avoid the plumbing issues that can result from accumulation. One of the first places limescale often becomes prevalent is in your kettle, the hard white crust that forms inside and on the heating bars is evidence of this.

The most straightforward way to prevent limescale from building up is to use a water softener, water softeners won’t just eliminate any build up of limescale, but they will also prevent build up in the future. Electronic water softeners are not cheap, but if you live in an area supplied by hard water, it may be a high value investment, given the possible cost of multiple repairs and replacements to your heating and water pipes.

If you have plumbing problems, such as a failed heating system or burst pipes, as a result of limescale build up, get in contact with KPR today and our expert team of dedicated plumbing professionals will be on hand to help you with your problem. Hopefully this post will help you to take some preventative measures to safeguard you from limescale damage in the future.