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KPR’s Guide to Fixing Your Rattling Pipes

Have you noticed that your pipes often rattle when the water is running? If so, you have come to the right place. At Bathrooms by KPR we want to ensure that rattling pipes are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Not only are rattling pipes aggravating, they could signify a larger problem with your plumbing.  First […]

Hard Water Damage

More than sixty per cent of UK properties are supplied with hard water. Most people are unaware that if your home is receiving hard water, you are at a high risk of limescale build-ups in your water pipes and heating systems, with the average property receiving hard water accumulating around 70kg of limescale. Limescale build […]

Helpful Tips to Reduce Your Energy Bills

According to a recent feature on BBC News, the average household pay an annual dual-fuel bill (gas and electricity) of £1,264. This makes energy bills one of the largest outgoings in a household budget. At Bathrooms by KPR we recognise that reducing the cost of these energy bills can have a huge impact on you […]

Top Tips for Good Drain Maintenance

When it comes to the drains in your home, we feel it is of the utmost important to get into the habit of practicing good drain maintenance to ensure that drainage problems can be avoided. This involves ensuring you monitor what you are putting down your drains, regularly cleaning them and keeping an eye out […]

Why use a local plumber?

Many consumers have opted to use nationwide companies to carry out their plumbing services as many people believe that a big brand comes with a higher level of service and better results. We’re here to tell you three reasons why using a local plumber in the Exeter area can pay off!High Levels of Customer CareAt […]

Top tips to avoid winter plumbing problems.

With winter rapidly approaching and the cooler weather setting in, we want to ensure you are aware of the best ways to secure your home against the weather in order to prevent any damage to your property. Read our top tips below on how to equip your home against the cold. Disconnect your garden hose. In […]